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The FCAT Explorer is a free, online practice program from the Florida Department of Education. It features three practice programs created especially for middle school students: Reading Island, Interactive Library, and Math Navigator.

All three programs offer practice for the skills tested on the FCAT and feature lots of stuff to help you get the most out of your study time. Reading Island offers 37 reading passages with over 250 practice questions. Reading Boardwalk contains 60 reading passages and over 500 practice questions to help you do your best on the FCAT. Math Navigator contains 140 math questions and features an online calculator and a handy formula reference sheet.

Best of all, the FCAT Explorer is online, which means you can use the FCAT Explorer on any computer connected to the Internet: at school, at the library, even at home.

Username: last name + first initial
Password: 06 + first 4 letters of last name + 2 digit birth month + 2 digit birth day

Example: Jason Smith, born August 4th
Username: smithj
Password: 06smit0804