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The Cove Academy

Before and After School Child Care

HOURS OF OPERATION: 7 to 9 am and 4:05-6:05 pm

Our program consists of a morning session that runs before school from 7 am to 9 am and an afternoon session that runs after school from 4:05 pm to 6:05 pm.  Students can participate in just one of the sessions or in both of the sessions depending on how you register your student.

AM Before Care Student directions:
1. Parent will drop student off at the Front Office (by the parking lot)
2. Student will enter the front office and sign in.
3. Student will directed to before care location to check in with the supervising teacher according to arrival time.

PM After Care Student directions:
1. Students will go directly to the entrance of the Media Center when released at 4:05 pm bell
2. Students will check in with the supervising teacher.

Parent pick-up instructions:
1. Between 4:05 and 6:05 p.m. parent will go the Administrative Office to sign student out. Student will be called to meet parent/guardian in the Administrative Office.
2. On occasion, parents will pick students up in aftercare location.  (Media Center, Rm. 235 or Rm. 135A)  It will be written on the board in front of the Administrative office.

Fee Schedule

Registration in advance is strongly suggested to ensure space availability in the program.  Registration will take place from Monday, August 17th  through Friday, August 21st  until 3:30 pm.  Thereafter registration will take place Monday through Friday, before school from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. or after school until 5:00 p.m.  Please bring your child’s student number and their emergency contact information.  The first payment must be made in exact CASH.  Please see “Payment Directions” below for fee breakdown.

For more information please call 754-323-3221 or email the FCMS Cove Academy Supervisors.

AM – Alicia Carl

PM – Steven Bryant

or visit the Before and After School Child Care program website at


The first payment must be made in exact CASH (NO checks, NO Credit Cards).  Please see the Fee Schedule.

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