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SMART Investments Lead to Smart Students

Human Relations

Do you want to make a difference at Falcon Cove and in the community?  Come to the first Human Relations Meeting and see how you can make a difference.  The first Human Relations meeting for all students interested will be Thursday September 4th at 9:00am in portable 21.  Don’t miss out!

Drama Club

If you were unable to attend our first Drama Club meeting, please join us on Thursday September 4 for our next meeting.  We will have singing, dance, and acting workshops presented by Drama students at Cypress Bay High School.

AMC 8 Exam

The 2014 AMC 8 exam will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 18th after school from 4-5 PM in the cafetorium for all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who are younger than 14.5 years old on Nov. 18th. This is a rigorous exam that aims to challenge students in problem solving.  If you would like your child to participate, please return the registration form to room 229 no later than October 1st.  More information can be found at the AMC website

AMC 8 participation parent letter
Title: AMC 8 participation parent letter
Filename: AMC-8-participation-parent-letter.pdf
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High School Volunteers

The procedures for high school volunteers have changed. Moving forward the following are the new procedures.

****High school students interested in volunteering should email the teacher they would like to assist and see if the teacher would be interested in having a high school volunteer.****

  • Teachers will submit the name, email address and cell phone number of no more than two students that they would like to assist them in their classroom.
  • The student(s) will a receive an email from Falcon Cove inviting them to an orientation meeting for volunteers. The student will attend the orientation.
  • At orientation, the student will receive a volunteer id that will have their name, high school volunteer, and the name of the teacher they will be assisting.
  • The student will then present the id and carry it with them any time they volunteer.
  • If they do not have the id, then they can’t volunteer. (The will be able to purchase a replacement for lost id if that situation occurs.)

Drama Club is Calling You!

Join us for our first Drama Club meeting of the year on Wednesday August 27 from 4 to 6pm. We need singers, dancers, actors, and stage crew for our Winter production of LEGALLY BLONDE. Parents are responsible for after-school transportation. BUSES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE!

Please see Mr. Slowik for any questions.

Falcon Cove 14-15 Orientation/Open House/Supply List

Falcon Cove 14-15 Orientation/Open House/Supply List

Title: 6thgradeorientationflyer14
Filename: 6thgradeorientationflyer14.pdf
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Title: 7thgradeorientationflyer14
Filename: 7thgradeorientationflyer14.pdf
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Title: 8thgradeorientationflyer14
Filename: 8thgradeorientationflyer14.pdf
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Supply List 6-4-14
Title: Supply List 6-4-14
Filename: Supply-List-6-4-14.pdf
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The Cove Academy

Before and After School Program


Before After 2014-15
Title: Before After 2014-15
Filename: Before-After-2014-15.pdf
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